Playhouse Empreendimentos, a Brazilian Company, has been involved for the last few years in clearing the obstacles to set up Turf Lottery Games in Brazil. To do so rules and procedures had to be established with the ministries involved, i.e. the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Justice.

All the Jockey Clubs in Brazil that comply with certain requirements as to safety, equine health and other items are certified by the Ministry of Agriculture to hold races and meets at which on-course betting takes place legally.

Playhouse, after seeking for years a way of conforming to all the different federal requirements for the approval for off-course betting, managed to obtain a Technical Certificate (involving hardware - software) to operate Turf Lottery Games and off-course betting. This Playhouse Technical Certificate applies for any races in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture approved racecourses, and obtained Ministry of Justice recognition, linking it to Playhouse.

Playhouse has contracts with several Jockey Cubs in Brazil to include their races in the Turf Lottery Games. Amongst these Jockey Clubs is the Jockey Cub de Alegrete, which signed a 50 year irrevocable exclusivity contract to carry out such games with Playhouse. The ratification of this contract was approved and signed by the board of the Jockey Club Alegrete, and was registered at the Public Registry of Contracts on July 13th, 2009.

Recently Playhouse entered into an agreement with Global Lottery Corporation of Vancouver to set up these games. This information was made public. No mention was made of Jockey Club Alegrete. It was assumed that Jockey Club Alegrete would be part of the project.

However, without informing Playhouse, nor requesting Playhouse Technical Certificate coverage and or release from its 50 year commitment, suddenly Jockey Club Alegrete has signed a new contract with a U.S. based company. Playhouse formally issued a formal registered Cease and Desist Order, to the U.S, based company, which had informed the international specialized press of such an agreement, therein citing its contract with Jockey Cube do Alegrete, and averring that it has a sole license to operate these games.

Playhouse has not agreed to extend Playhouse Technical Certificate Privileges to any organization in the US. Its only international agreement at this time is with Global Lottery Corp. For its own reasons, Jockey Club Alegrete now has proceeded to malign Playhouse complaining that its name has been cited in press releases by Playhouse and or Global Lottery Corp. This is entirely untrue. On principle heavy judicial compensation will be sought by Playhouse in a civil suit against Jockey Club Alegrete.

Playhouse hopes that, considering the harmonious relationship Playhouse is developing with several other Jockey Clubs, Jockey Club Alegrete perceives the need to reverse such adversarial positions and that the once friendly relationship between the Playhouse Management and Jockey Club Alegrete will be reestablished.
Autor: ILN

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