A Brief Critic Of Central Station - By Walter Salles

{A]             CENTRAL STATION, a film directed by Walter Salles Junior is about Dora, interpreted by Fernanda Montenegro, who is a letter writer. The film starts with the speech of the station and a sudden flash of the people leaving the train. She works in a Station, and gets in touch with all kinds of people day after day. The film start s with a woman, telling her drama in a letter, which speech starts like this: Dear, my heart is your no matter what you did, I love you I Love you All these years that you are gonna stay arrested in I’ll also be here outside waiting for you. Another citizen – Mr. Zé Amaro thanks for what you did for me I trust you and you carried the keys of my apartment too. . Another. Jesus.  Dora’s hands writing. you were the worst thing that happened to me I’m only writing because your sun Josue asked me I told him you’re nothing but even  like this the boy wants to meet you. Address: Jesus de Paiva, Sítio Volta da Pedra , Bom Jesus do Norte Pernambuco Ready. They walk.. Another one.. Dalva. My everything, I felt your body with mine... and I’m still... inebriated with =- she founds the right weird. Another. If there isn’t an address I can’t say. Put like this 3rd house close to the bakery Mimoso Pernambuco – Cancancavao Bahia, Caranhola Minas Gerais,  Municipio de Rerutaba Ceara Muzambinho Minas Gerais – Big view of the station. The security guard arrives. She pays her goodbye. She moves like everybody, takes the subway, everybody jumps the windows  takes cares of her purse, Funny – another purse, another blouse, another day.  arrives home, goes to her apartment and open the window. Calls her friend Irene, shouting. Irene complains of the TV. Time arrived, time is good and samba started.. you again Dora..let me tell you.. I’m against this...come on friend help...saw your add in the classified of love so like yours. He asked me to write it 10 times. .. he’s superior... oh graduated he doesn’t  know how to write .. garbage...Jesus you were the worst thing that happen to me.. Your son wants to know you...for me she wants her man back...don’t tear the man was a drunk...no garbage. . It’s the first letter. The man for will violate her many times...Ok. Drawer. If we decide...next week...that’s a lie...these letters stays years in your drawer. come open seat here. People say many ones lose their mind in carnival you had fun so did I .. I loved this one..did you? Much,  much? Turn.


[B]              Dora arranges her belongings. Another client it has been a long time I don’t get news from home. We can’t trust in this post we have. 1 real, Mr. Sergio.  Goodbye. Ana comes. Did you put that letter in the post? That’s good think I was so rude with Jesus. I want to send another one. Dora throws the letter and start another one. Jesus, Josue your son wants to know you and he wants to go to Bom Jesus to stay with you nest month I’ll be on vacation than I can visit Moises and Isaias. What I really wanted was to see the face of that man...give me an advice. Well in fact I still like him Jesus I miss you a lot. It’s hard for me to wait up in the morning and do nor see you in front of me I wanted to let the least black hair in my head for you to take out.  Yes that’s it. Wait for me. I’m coming back. What’s your name? Anna. Put this in the envelope. Do you want me to put this in the post? How much is it/ Oh 2 reais. No, 1 real . Because you are writing again. Next one, please.

Anna asks Josue to give her a hand, Josue escapes. She waits for him in the middle of the street a bus is coming and kills her. She dies. The guard retells the story to Dora. Dora picks Anna’s handkerchief. He boy is there He cries he’s scared, Focus on him. Dora’s working...the boy comes to her. I want to send a letter to my father come on write. Dad ...come here because my mother got that...do you have money? Show... he doesn’t... who else do you know here in Rio? Give my mother’s letter back. Go out boy. Go out o here boy...people look around... Dora takes the subway goodbye. The boy runs to her. Have a seat close to the trails. An image of the Virgin the boy looks to her. Prays. He sees the police asking boys to go out. Sunset in Rio the station. The boy the crowd. A pickpocket. Dora. The boy sleeping She goes to him and offers a piece of sandwich. Aren’t you hungry...I’m done thanks? A conversation – a letter. Than a robbery. The guard runs and shot him. He gives the radio back. Good bight Dora. The guard talks with the boy. Pedrao. Ok Pedrao, I know the boy. Pedrao talks to Dora. We don’t know what. Dora seats beside her and said. My name is Josue Fontinelli de Paiva. Fontinelli my father and Paiva my mother. . That’s great. My name is Isadora Teixeira. And so Josue de Paiva. Don’t you want to come to my house? She won’t come anymore my son. She died. Do you have anybody living here in Rio de Janeiro? Answer me little boy. Ok, get this money if you change your mind come to me, please... that’ll; be fine. Dora takes the subway. He goes with her.


[C]              The apartment – Come in She takes her glasses out. Where is your husband? I don’t have a husband o don’t have a husband kids and a dog. Can I go to the toilet? Yes it’s over there. The doorbell – Irene – so hot- I’m going to wash my face. Today I’ve brought someone. This is Josue. Did you like? Oh no, Dora his mom’s food was better. Look...you should be thankful. He replied his mom did not know how to cook Irene talks to him. What do you do to survivor Irene...Yes...you look like a teacher... but she is a writer of letters...so you don’t have a husband too. And who takes care of you? We are alone. And who took care of you? I took care of my mom. My dad could do everything table chair house everything alone.  And what would you like to be? I will be a truck driver so our daddies were train drivers, those big one. They were all drunk too. That was a sheet. Josue looks the TV, then the train, a house, a saint the pictures, and the letters in the drawer. He opens it finds his own. What are you doing with it? So, Dora gets the boy. No I’m going to take this letter o my father. Oh you’ll never arrive there. Come on I’ll post it tomorrow. I swear. Don’t lie again. No She sleeps on the chair he sleeps on the sofa.


[D]             Where are we going? On the train. You are going to a wonderful place. Pedrao goes do Yolanda’s house. She’s a kind of Social Assistance. She pays 2 thousand dollars share it. Goodbye Josue. She buys a TV, goes home, and invites Irene to see the wonderful TV she bought. The remote system does not work. She lies he goes to Pelotas Rio Grande, and that she talked with the judge. Where could you get money to buy it? Oh a golden ring I’ve sent. You’re lying. Where did the money come? Please tell me.  . A friend of mine in the Station knows the people who send this people abroad. No. They kill the kids to transplant the organs. Shut up Irene. There’s a limit for everything. She stays with the remote system alone. Tries to sleep but can’t. She takes the money; some pictures, and knocks 462 apartment. Shows more pictures...the woman were sleeping. Pedrao is with her she goes to talk with Pedro and show the pictures Dora goes in, gets Josue and run away. He was sleeping trust me (Ze Gotinha on the wall) She sees bags ready. Josue doesn’t trust her, get out get out. Shut up locks the door. You’re death, Sun of a bitch...sun of a bitch. Tries to get a taxi Esperanto St. Cask dour.. the boy is said with her.. Driver please, I’ve changed my mind.. Irene pays attention.. if a man asks for me ..take care.. she notices the man is already there ..if he is say something crazy. Sorry Milton I can’t go out with you. I’m fucked I’m on the bus station.. Josue is here with me.. Irene locks my apartment and take care.. make a deposit to Banco do Brasil of Bom Jesus do Norte. I think I’ll need. Get the ticket boy. Don’t you see I’m trying to help you,. I don’t went to go with you, because I don’t like you. Why.. I told you. You’re nothing. And how will you travel and eat.. Give me some money to eat. When I arrive my father will send some money back to you. Gibe the letter of my mother.  He runs to the bus. She goes with him. Seats beside. Bus on the road...music.

[E]             A bus station. Bus parks. He ]chooses a shirt. Why. This shirt is for the moment I meet my dad. She buys one for her too. Is that so far? Look the signs along the road. How much is 1 km. 1000 m. how do we count. Invent. She drinks something. Do you think that man over there has a son? Oh no, he doesn’t look like a dad. I know this man, at home was an animal on the street a clown, hey pimbao. That was his name. I like to drive a taxi. Look buses are good they always go to the right place and taxi . No. They get the right way and change. That was the moment Dora lost her mom. I was your age when she died. Sunset. He drinks alcohol- it’s seems wine /. The boys are drunk She goes there and takes the boy.. if I was your mother I’ll punish you.. why did you came with me. I came to help you. They sleep. She gets up. A stop of tem minutes she puts the letter in his pocket  . I’m travelling with my nephew and I can’t go ahead with this trip can you take him to this address? Oh no it’s so complicated. So get this money please.  A ticket to Rio. 60 reais. She’s drinking something . Sees a bus. Look over. The boy is set on the table... oh no... you should have gone in that bus. Everything was fine.. so do you want to stay with me now.. if you want top talk to me I’ll be ion that other table. Where is your backpack.. she runs...o my god....seats on the sidewalk.. breath. they both sleep on the table. She tries to sell the ticket.. the bus has gone.. a truck driver offers food...no...yes...you look like bedtime heart is different..press your little finger...like this...laughs...takes the road with him.. do you want to go to Bom Jesus to pay a promise. Where do you live.. and your wife.. my wife and my house is this I don’t have a family so Do they like her. São Roque restaurant. Excuse me I have to work. Everything will be fine in 20 minutes. He delivers sacks of flour. Josue looks a boy eating...walks around and robs food.. he goes to Dora and asks the boy to go to the truck...she’s asked to open the purse... you didn’t have money,. That’s a lie.. um mom wouldn’t be drunk and  a thief like you.. your dad is a drunk.. you are a liar...you look like a man  and you criticize Irene. I hate mortandela.  The driver goes there.. I’m sorry about what happened Mr. Bené is ok but he suspects.. I want to be a driver of those big one.. turbo. Sit here and take the steering wheel. They stop on the road a gaslight. It’s cold. He covers her with a blanket, tells her he’s from Vitoria da Conquista. They’ve been together for 6 months. Dora... I’m cold.. Josue.. I’m going. He watches his face and look to her.. she feels something,, the truck stops. Pee here.. Josue and the driver were peeing together . lunch for 3 and water. What did you do? I was a teacher. Yes, when I got retired I started doing it. The boy asks a coke. Oh no.. he replies she writes letters.. go out.. go to play with the dog...They share the beer. I can’t drink I’m evangelic. I’m sure god is not looking at you now. They drink I’d like to tell you something. I’m very  happy  I lost that bus. Very happy ..holds his hand. Wait a minute.. I’ll come back right now.. Josue is playing . She washes her face . She asks for the lipstick. It’s ending you can stay.. music.. regional . The driver goes out. He was married. She cries. Cesar got scared . he’s gay isn’t h? No, he isn’t.

Good afternoon, are you going to Bom Jesus? 10 reais each person . They take a van and go. They sing all together. My Mom taught me. Do you want some. The boy gets that. It’s caju.  It’s stops for a while. . My mother always said my dad would show me sertao. Come here little boy. They walk  they stop in front of a church  a place to put candles. The handkerchief your Mom put it there. They walk with the people. Are you giving up? Oh I wouldn’t like my father to see me this way. Oh no, your father has to like you the way you are. You don’t know my father..  he knows everything ... I know everything ... I would ask some money so that you can stay with us for a couple of days.. do you know where this p[lace is... they arrive.. open a gate ..go Josue.. another boy comes closer...calls mom...claps...anybody? Good afternoon...is this the house of Mr. Jesus house. Is he at home. No, he’s out but will come back soon .  Good... She wants to talk with your husband.. Did you order coffee Mrs. Violeta.. can you tell me what you want to talk with my husband.. the boy came in ...wind...your friends are waiting to talk to you.. good afternoon  She's coming  from  Rio de Janeiro.. I’m bringing this boy, his mom died and he only have you. .. so you are what.. why did you bring him here.. is he a good friend...yes.. this letter is for you.. he laughs.. I’m Jesse. It’s for Jesus the man who lived here before. Ok this is the address he’s living now.. he lost his house in the store. .. the boy leaves the house upset, and walks.. The telephone rings.. Irene.. Did you send the money I sent. The money is in Bom Jesus da Lapa. Da Lapa? Let’s walk ...no food, no money.. it’s over.. What will we do now? So I have so I have to take care of you. Josue runs in the middle of the crown. She shouts his name and look at him. Someone prays. She’s a Franciscan they all ask the mercy of god Dora walks through a small Sanctuary .She feels bad, cries and swear...calls Josue and faint. Josue finds her there . The saint. Darkness.

[F]              Guitar music... He’s taking care of her. She gets up . They go to the market. A speech of a prayer in the middle of the square. They play rocks on a ball. She’s good at that. Gypsies walk. No money. He goes to a bazaar. Photo São Joao. Someone needs to send a message.  Josue notices that there was someone who needed to send a message to the saint. He offers the service and the woman wanted. So people started to write messages . Dora finds a place to work . many messages.. we’re getting money. Oh yes we can also eat. Come on let’s go. I’ll give you this dress. It’s 5 reais. You’re gonna be very well dressed. They go home. The boy brings many envelopes home. Tries to through in the garbage. He said, no. I had to learn it before.. no give it to me I’ll see what I can do. – he washes his hands.. are we going to meet our dad tomorrow. Good night Josue. Do you always sleep like this? They talk about masculine values. And Josue’s fantasies. She kisses him good night. Stay here. She goes to the post office. Estrela do Norte Transportation – They arrive in a suburb ask for F street . they inform. A condominium Did your mom have a photo of your dad. Yes sometimes I do . sometimes I forget the face of my dad to. we would have not the picture  so that we could forger. 16 years old. I’ve left home. I met him at Rio Branco St. .Do you recognize me? Do you remember me. He didn’t recognize the daughter. Oh! How could I forgot a girl like you? So I thought it was not the person I was looking for. Did you understand? You will forget me very soon too. I don’t want to forget you.. no way.. you will forget Me.. Mr. Jesus? Mr. Jesus doesn’t live here anymore. He disappeared, nobody knows about him . take. Care. The boy walks alone.. isn’t he going to come back.. no.. I think so.. I’m going to wait for him m.. no way.. he won’t come back... wouldn’t you like to come with me. yes.. I really would like you to come with me. She takes his hand  they  shook hands and go together.  She calls Irene. His Dad disappeared I can’t live this boy here alone. Are you really coming back home? What are you going to do now. Ok sell everything . When I stop somewhere I’ll call you. There’s a bus only tomorrow. How can I live this place,. Only tomorrow. This is the end of the world lady.

[G]             Is that you that are looking for Jesus? I’m Isaias. Did you come here to visit us? No I was coming here. And then, I would like you to go to my house. My name is Geraldo Let’s go there Mrs. Dora. This is his house.  I and Moises came to live after dad went out. Calls Moises. This is Mrs. Dora, our Dad’s friend. He looks on the wall the picture. Anna and Dad. Moises works here. We make everything, table, chair, etc. Moises teaches Josue. He produces one teetotum Plays soccer with the boys.. they seat in the living room – Moises asks Isaias to give a paper to Dora  so that she can read it to them .It has been six months dad sent this letter from Anna Fontanneli . he waited her to come back . and she didn’t he drunk so much. He stooped to drink this letter is for Anna .. can you read it to us please?  She takes the glasses, opens the envelope. So, it doesn’t say where he is.


Anna, you’re such a miserable person. It was hard to find someone to write this letter for me, to tell you that now I’m sure you' ver been back and could find this new house while I’m here in Rio de Janeiro looking for me I want to arrive before this letter. Wait for me because I’m also coming back home. So it’s because he couldn’t come back I left Moises and Isaias taking care of the things I’m thinking about staying the gold mines before coming back. Wait for me that I’ll come back everybody will stay together then you I Moises Isaias and Josue, the one I want to meet so much. You’re such a bad temper goat, but I’d give everything I have to look at you. Forgive me I know about this life .  Jesus

He will come back. He won’t. One they he will come back. . Outside the house.


[H]             He talks with Dora. Is that truth my dad wanted to see me? So let’s go. I prepared my Dad room for you. Darkness. Jesus’room Dora’s dressing the dress Josue gave to her, light 2 candles. Paints her lips blushes her chicks, put her hand on her hart, opens the door, sees the 3 boys sleeping together, closes the door, looks at the p[picture puts the envelope on the wall under the pictures the 2 letters. Focus on it. Music... she’s going. Walks alone. Josue gets up. She walks. Calls Dora and runs to her. She takes the bus Josue runs. And then a message.

Josue it has been a long time I don’t send a letter to someone .Now I’m sending this letter to you. You’re right you’re father will come one day he is everything you said he is I remember my father taking me in the train he let me blow the whistle of the train. When you are crossing the roads for the firs time, I wish you could remember I was the first person to make you pit your hand s on the steering Josue runs. She’s far... It’s better for you to stay with you brothers. You deceive much more than I can give you. The day you want to remember me takes a look in the picture we got together. I say this because I’m afraid you will forget me one day. I miss my father. I miss everything. Dora.


She cries... Smiles. . Josue cries. Music. The binnacle with the picture. They look one each other. He smiles and she smiles. Then whispers...film ends. Different local speeches. Music.

Works Cited

 Station, Prod. Arthur Cohn; Dir. Walter Salles Jr.; Cast. Fernanda   

           Montenegro; Vinícius de Oliveira .1998. Brazil. Blockbuster, 1998.


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