The Cultural Enablers for a Lean Enterprise

The Lean Manufacturing implementation is a cultural change that requires a long-term commitment. That is why Lean Manufacturing is called the "Learning system".

Neither is our intention to deep-dive in the why's and what's of Lean Manufacturing. Many books and articles have exploited these themes.

Here are the main objectives of this paper:

·We would like to share some experiences and lessons learned in more than 15 years leading the transformation efforts from Mass production to Lean thinking in a very traditional manufacturing company, as described in Chapter 10 – Lean Implementation Program.

·I want to provide more details that will support understanding and successful implementation of the system, as described in Problem Solving, Policy Deployment and Layered Audits . Important to mention that this level of detail is not found in the traditional Lean literature, but came straight from the documentation of the processes developed at General Motors in the global councils we participated.

·We also want to review some cultural enablers necessary for any company to achieve the full benefits of the system, as detailed in Recognition & Reward, Open Communication and Qualified People.

·Also, it will be helpful to provide a new insight of how to Expand Lean Concepts to other areas of the enterprise beyond Manufacturing, besides generating additional benefits such as improvements in Safety and to the Environment.

Autor: José Joaquim Filho

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