To dengue it has been object of the largest campaigns of public health accomplished at the country. The vectorial insect, Aedes aegypti, that had been eradicated at several countries of the American continent in the decades of 50 and 60 (but being an arbovirose stayed present in the forests), returning in the decade of 70 for flaws of the surveillance and the social and environmental changes (the man's presence in all of the spaces in function of the accelerated urbanization).
Today this vector is thoroughly distributed by extensive strip of the American continent, that he/she extends from Uruguay to the south of the State United with registration of important epidemics in Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil and Paraguay.
The difficulties in the eradication of this vector begin in the lack of control of the application of budgets destined to this end and that, in most of the cases they are deviated or used without correct methodology. The lack of employees' training (orientation courses for the handling of the inputs and the use of appropriate equipments) because the incorrect use and I continue of poisons will generate serious problems of health certainly in the applicator. It is known that were washed using the poison that is to be applied with UBV in certain state walls - Ultra Lower Volume, that is, microgoticulas aspersion being able to, in some cases and with the same precautions, to spread with a bomb-load. Due to the inadequate use and to the serious caused problems involving these people's health such a fact opened space for employees if they refuse to work with UBV alleging "that he/she makes the population" badly! Now, what makes the population badly is the presence every time larger of the vector and the successive infections that the people are suffering from his/her reintroduction, badly he/she also makes the indiscriminate use of acquired sprays and used in the residences "this doesn't do badly, nor he/she has smell" considered a youth mother, a spray of acquaintance poison that has the active beginning of the chemical group of Piretrinas and Piretróides/Carbamato in the baby's room passing generously!
This, more the clarity lack in the popularization of the risk that all ran is for the dengue is for the use of poisons or be also for the use of the medicine with I begin him/it activate "paracetamol" that some use as if it was a vaccine "to prevent against to dengue" or they make incorrect use of dosage and schedule, what causes an aggression and damages serious to the patient's liver as well as the use at the same time of anti-inflammatory and the paracetamol they can paralyze the renal functions and to take the patient to death.


Extension of the dengue after to 2nd World war:
In every tropical area, Pacific, Asia, America, African.
Comoros 1993, India 1994, Brazil 1998 to the total 50 million of cases a year
Yellow fever: Century XVI in Africa, isolated virus in 1927. I scratch out current: Africa (of Senegal to Kenya) and South America - Amazonia.200 a thousand of cases year.
Professeur Pierre Aubri /08-11-2003

UNIFESP-newspaper of the Inhabitant from Sao Paulo ed 162-year 15 dez.2001
According to Marcelo Nascimento Burattini (UNIFESP-2001) the situation of the dengue in our country is preoccupying: in 1986 46.309 cases were registered (and how many didn't thousand make exams and did they pass unnoticed?), 12 years later in 1998, 559.237 registered cases. In 2000 the number fell for 238.995 (we should not have hopes, these numbers are not "falling", they are new people being infected or reinfectadas). in agreement with Burattini, to dengue it is one of the priorities of OMS (World Organization of Health) and further on, speaking in municipalization of the health, where each state, each municipal district acts in a way points the need of the centralization of the actions, because there is organization lack (standardization) and the one that we are seeing are mayors that receive budgets to combat the diseases and they don't apply them, until that an epidemic appears in the municipal district of them.
The easiness of the vector to be introduced or returned is so big that it is done necessary a surveillance system attentive 24 hours and in every day in the year and not just during the station of the rains, because the presence of this insect is at that time continuous just making to increase in frightening proportions rainy in function of the thousands of available nurseries.
And the epidemics happen her, every 04/05 years, millions of people are reifectadas. He/she Cuba, to put example, in 1977 was devastated to put an epidemic telling more than 500 thousand cases, exams serologic presented DEN 1. Four years later, in 1981 a new epidemic reached Cuba, with serological for dengue2, telling more than 300 thousand cases, among the ones which 10.312 serious cases (DH/SCD), where 158 patients were to death (101 children and 57 adults)
The data are oh to demonstrate and I affirm that a different virus doesn't exist again, nor more nor less aggressive but always highly virulent! Serological can present dengue 01, 02, 03, or 04, what erroneously is being, along the years classified as cases of dengue by the virus 1, 2 etc.
Barnes & Rosen (1974)(Fatal hemorrhagic disease and shock associated with primary dengue infection on the Pacific island. Am.J.Trop.Med.Hyg.23:295,1974), they described an epidemic in Niue, an island of Pacific, where the serological identified Den2, with cases of DH/SCD. Exams and reports informed the inexistence of cases of dengue there is at least 25 years. Do these researchers seem to have forgotten about the IMMUNOLOGICAL MEMORY what accompanies the individual during all his/her life?!! had Some of these people suffered dengue previously (adults, children or babies still in the maternal uterus, with the mother suffering to dengue the fetus is suffering his/her 1st dengue still before being born)
The data SCREAM and they POINT the correct road! Why does nobody seem to notice? Did anybody already pick a mosquito Aedes with a badge saying the such number to be? Correcting this and some other mistakes can get rid of this vector, of this terrible virus!


Spherical, encapsulated, of only ribbon of RNA, high virulence that allied to different factors it can show with adult's symptoms or smaller intensity, they are inoculated in the capillary sanguine during the meal, they penetrate in the cell desenvelopam-if and immediately the multiplication viral begins and it is when the temperature rises abruptly due to reaction of the antibodies to the present antigen in the organism, that will react with adult or smaller intensity if this infection goes:
a) Dengue primary or secondary.
b) To be or to do use of medicines that facilitate the picture hemorrhagic.
c) Evolution of the picture hemorrhagic for the Syndrome of Shock of the Dengue.
In a primary infection the individual in good physical conditions will feel the symptoms and all the discomfort and after one day it will be better.
Senior patients that the cardiologist prescribed the use of infantile aspirin for heart prevention and treatment in this person's case to be infected by the mosquito of the dengue the evolution will be, even in the 1st dengue, for a picture serious hemorrhagic.
The ignorance, the disinformation of many of having suffered dengue in some time of their lives, the difficulties in the service of the public health, the specific lack of exams (serology’s and, especially the isolation viral that how many dengue will accuse the individual had) if to everything this the population had access - my Utopia, would be easier the solution for this to record problem of health publishes!


Used as ant febrile and to reduce the discomfort caused by the dengue (migraine, pains in the body) prescribed use of 8/8 hours being observed, but there is need to observe that, the indiscriminate use, that is, not proceeding precisely
the recommended correct time, it can cause serious problems to the liver and the kidneys. This medicine goes by a process and becoming a composition that will deposit in the liver in the case of new ingestion of the medicine in smaller time than 08 hours the accumulated deposit will increase and the liver, already attacked by the virus (it is rich in blood vessels) it will be increased and it can suffer a process important hemorrhagic. When to the kidneys, if this patient one is making use of anti-inflammatory to put other reason any, allied the ingestion of the paracetamol can have the paralyzed functions complicating the picture.


When in 1992 I questioned the lack of information in all senses (population and service to the health) I received as answer should not alarm the population"! I Considered to be important the people to know what was happening, in all the senses, he/she wants to say on the cares in the case of being with dengue, and how to avoid the proliferation of the vectorial insect, but of that time to today, 12 years later the epidemics happen her, people die the population continues without receiving correct information, the service to the public health continues equal.


The federal budget, is it deposited monthly, to use in the combat to the vector, and if that was made in the correct way (but does it seem that there is no interest in that.... fear of losing the budget?!!) would this insect have been has been eradicating a lot.
Let us take the example of Cuba: Fidel, to the first sign of new epidemic ordered to pass the fumacê, the service the Cuban public health should serve as example, because during the epidemic of 1981, with more than 300 thousand cases happened only 158 deaths!
Did groups take charge of spreading that the fumacê does badly, what does attack the environment... interesting, where are these people to protest against the abusive use of pesticide in the production of foods? In fact today the pesticide used in the farming’s changed of name: is it the "agricultural defensive" call what killed already so many quickly or slowly, it depends on the case?!!! does the State of Mat Gross take the champion's of recycling of packing title of defensive agricultural, title this, if we analyze seriously, flattering...
The smell of the fumacê, is not very pleasant, but it eliminates the adult insect, he/she has residual power, that is the microgoticulas liberated during the aspersion are deposited adhering due to the oil used in the mixture, acting to put several hours. In the people's case with breathing allergy, to put example, it is enough the premature popularization of the day and hour of the application so that this can pass some hours in another place. We should remind that used correctly will just eliminate the mosquitoes but that will be able to yes to be noxious to the human being if applied in an inadequate way or somebody to be 05 minutes inhaling in the apparel, but like this, even water, if ingested in surplus can kill....
Then we returned that young mother's answer: he/she doesn't "have danger, nor he/she has smell"... sometimes the danger doesn't have smell: the kitchen gas, to put example, but this is added to serve as alert in case of eventual leak risk.
Autor: Beatriz Antonieta Lopes

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