One of the major pollutants discharged today has nothing in the nature of potentially dangerous or toxic chemical. Rather, it is found with some ease in any kitchen: the edible vegetable oil. An estimated one (1) liter of used oil, dumped in the wrong order in the sinks, one is able to pollute (1) million gallons of water.

The fat formed by cold obstruct after the oil pipelines, and form crusts on the surfaces of rivers, lakes and seas, seriously impairing the oxygenation of the water, resulting in the death of aquatic life, including fish and microorganisms necessary for ecological balance.

There are several ways to reuse and / or recycle the used edible oil, but surely one of the most profitable is the processing of edible oil used in cleaning and hygiene products such as soaps and detergents.
Autor: Cristiane Farias Brandão da Cruz

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