A Political Point of View About the Language

A political point of view about the language

Certainly, we can say that there is something above the language. Concepts are examples. The word "company" has the same meaning in Portuguese and in English.

The understanding process (of meaning) works with abstract forms that belongs to an ideal world (as Plato said with his Form's Theory, by which there's a Perfect World that is reproduced, of a imperfect way, in the Material World and concepts have importance, precisely, because they are in that ideal and formal dimension).

This is why science and religion are possible. The first because the concept has the same value in any place of the material world, the religion because the notion of God also needs the universality of the ideal dimension. Is good to remember that the concepts of God in every religion always have elements like "omnipresent", "omnipotent"…always something absolute (that is the opposite of particularity).

And the general culture, on the side of science and religion (that is a specific, strict, culture), is too above the language. The language is created and modified by the culture.

But it is simple to verify that the language is necessary, even considering the existence of things above. Without language, we cannot talk, and, consequently, we can not take decisions. Without power to take decisions, society cannot exist. Without society, there's no science neither any kind of culture. RDC. 07.06.2008.

Autor: Rafael De Conti

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